What To Expect
Initially, Dr. Richie will review your documentation, typically including the pediatric or adult initial visit packet, any relevant supporting documents you may have (e.g., previous evaluations, speech or OT notes, MD's orders), and records received from the referring specialist (not required). You must make copies of records for Dr. Richie prior to your visit. 

During the initial portion of the appointment, Dr. Richie will perform an initial interview/ assessment with the patient and/or family to learn more about the presenting problem(s) and the impact on daily functioning. This allows for a more tailored assessment, specific to the patient's needs and areas of concern. Then, the neuropsychological evaluation will be performed by Dr. Richie. The time required for interview and formal evaluation (same day) usually ranges from 3 hours to 4 hours, depending on the referral question(s) and the patient's functional status. Some evaluations require less time, while others require more time.

After the evaluation, Dr. Richie scores all measures and creates a multi-page report that includes pertinent information about the patient (e.g., history of presenting problem, behavioral observations), test scores and interpretation (with qualitative review to compliment quantitative assessment), a comprehensive summary of findings from a brain-based perspective, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations. The report is then mailed or kept at the office for pick up, depending on the preferred delivery method by the patient/family.  **PLEASE NOTE that it is your responsibility to ensure that all rating scales provided at the evaluation are returned to Dr. Richie. The report cannot be finalized until all rating scales are received. This information is vital in reviewing the patient's presentation external to the clinical setting.

After the patient/family has had time to review the report, Dr. Richie will then conduct a test results session (by scheduled appointment) to discuss the report findings, if desired. Test results sessions usually take 45 minutes - 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the case and number of questions the patient/family may have. It is essential that all are on the same page to ensure recommendations are effectively implemented.

Patients must arrive on time for their appointments. History forms should be completed PRIOR to your arrival and provided to Dr. Richie at the appointment, if not before. If you arrive 15 minutes late, you may be required to forfeit your appointment date. You will be charged $250 if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before the scheduled day/time. Dr. Richie reserves the right to reschedule according to her availability. No-shows will not be rescheduled at any point and will incur a $250 charge. 

Click here for the initial visit packet for children and ad0lescents. 

Click here for the initial visit packet for adult/geriatric patients