Memphis Neuropsychology, LLC is dedicated to performing comprehensive neuropsychological assessments for all ages and multiple referral concerns. The practice is owned and directed by Dr. Sarah D. Richie, who is trained in the assessment of the pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations.   

A neuropsychological evaluation is much more than a battery of tests. Specialized training in neuroanatomy and brain-behavior relationships allows the neuropsychologist to decide what measures would be appropriate to include in the test battery and to administer the selected tests, while also reviewing more than just "scores." Be sure that you ask any potential evaluator exactly what type of tests they will administer. This is especially the case if you plan to submit the report to a school for accommodation requests, as some practitioners use abbreviated IQ and achievement tests not accepted by schools or standardized testing agencies. Being a discerning consumer is key in ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive evaluation that is specific to your needs.  

Dr. Richie feels that doctoral level interpretation, by the neuropsychologist, of the patient's presentation at ALL stages of the evaluation is essential to producing quality reports and ensuring the highest evaluation standards. Qualitative reviews of the  patient's presentation and performance are vital to score interpretation, resulting in a comprehensive, specialized review of the impact of the disorder/injury that prompted the referral for testing.

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